Hi, I'm Mark

I’m an interaction designer and M.A. student at HfG Gmünd living in Stuttgart, Germany. I currently work at Kaiser X Labs.



Project // 13.02.2019

æ:mote is a concept, designed to train people who are on the autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in recognizing and understanding emotions. Developed in cooperation with the Paulinenpflege Winnenden, an institution that prepares young adults on the ASD for work, æ:mote can be seen as a first step in order to enable parents, as well as professional therapists to better support people on the ASD and to simplify their everyday life a bit.

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Master-thesis: Approaching Beneficial AI

News // 02.01.2019

Right now, I'm working on my master-thesis entitled "Approaching Beneficial AI in the Context of […]" with Nico Göckeritz. Our goal is to enrichen the discussion about ethical and beneficial AI and to create helpful guidance for those currently working on AI. We believe that it is necessary to think about the long-term consequences of evermore intelligent machines in order to steer towards a scenario, which is beneficial to the individual as well as to humanity overall.

You can view the current state of our project here. We also publish milestones of our thesis on our blog where we encourage you to be part of the discussion!

Lab Week @ HfG Gmünd

News // 15.12.2018

For the annual lab week at HfG Gmünd I was asked to give a workshop teaching game development with Unity. After a theoretical introduction to game engines and an exercise inside of Unity the first day, the students worked on their own games in small groups for the following three days, while I supported them, when possible. On Friday, every group demonstrated their game and the results were amazing! We ended up with three individual games built from scrath in just three days. The games were presented in a small exhibition-like atmosphere for other students and staff to try out. A video demonstrating each game will be posted soon.


About me


  • April 2018 - now: Interaction Designer at Kaiser X Labs
  • November 2017 - February 2018: Interaction Designer at Milla & Partner
  • September 2017 - October 2017: Interaction Designer at IXDS
  • February 2016 - April 2017: Interaction Designer at Milla & Partner
  • May 2015 - October 2015: Working student at Bosch Engineering
  • July 2012 - January 2014: UI/UX Designer at contenance


  • November 2018: One-week Unity workshop during the lab week at HfG Gmünd
  • October 2016 - February 2017: Tutor (HTML, CSS, JS) at HfG Gmünd
  • October 2015 - February 2016: Tutor (HTML, CSS, JS, Framer.js) at HfG Gmünd


  • March 2018 - now: Strategic Design (M.A.) at HfG Gmünd
  • March 2014 - August 2017: Interaction Design (B.A.) at HfG Gmünd


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